Expansion using Clojure De-structuring

Mentioned in Clojure Recipes by Julian Gamble

(defn transform
  [[attribute-name cardinality data-type description]]      ; input shape
  {:db/id                 '(datomic.api/tempid :db.part/db) ; output shape
   :db/ident              attribute-name
   :db/valueType          (keyword "db.type" (name data-type))
   :db/cardinality        (keyword "db.cardinality" (name cardinality))
   :db.install/_attribute :db.part/db
   :db/doc                description})

(transform [:pet-store.pet/id :one :long "The id of a pet"])

=> {:db/id (datomic.api/tempid :db.part/db),
    :db/ident :pet-store.pet/id,
    :db/valueType :db.type/long,
    :db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one,
    :db.install/_attribute :db.part/db,
    :db/doc "The id of a pet"}
  • Transform Readability : 5/5 easy to see input and output shape
  • Transform Safety : 4/5 none above but adding Specs to the fn would provide safety
  • Transform Versatility : 4/5 works for any input and output shape. needs extra code for recursion

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