Expansion using Clojure Spec sequence parsing

(s/cat ....) is a regular expression matcher which expands to a map

Seen in blog post from Frankie Sardo

[["/" ^:interceptors [:json-body]
  ["/pets" {:get :retrieve-all-pets
            :post :create-pet}
   ["/:id" ^:constraints {:id #"/d+"} ^:interceptors [:pet-exists]
     {:get :retrieve-pet-by-id
      :put :update-pet-by-id}]]]]


[{:path "/"
  :interceptors [:json-body]
  :children [{:path "/pets"
              :handlers {:get :retrieve-all-pets
                         :post :create-pet}
              :children [{:path "/:id"
                          :constraints {:id #"/d+"}
                          :interceptors [:pet-exists?]
                          :handlers {:get :retrieve-pet-by-id
                                     :put :update-pet-by-id}}]}
             {:path "/orders"
              :handlers {:get :retrieve-all-orders}}]}]
  • Transform Readability : 5/5 no code at all! just Specs
  • Transform Safety : 5/5 total safety since Spec conforms everything
  • Transform Versatility : 2/5 . only works for sequences -> maps

Other input shapes can be conformed but then code is required for the transform step.

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